Tuesday, April 23, 2019


thevirtualeconomy.com is an entirely independent publication that aims to cover decentralized systems, cryptocurrencies and their influence on the trading market, Blockchain technology, and the next generation Web.

The world of blockchain is influencing the world with each passing day, and we see an influx of start-ups and seasoned enterprises are adapting to this evolving technology. We are enthusiastic about the freedom the tech brings, and we are proud to offer you the latest news and breakthroughs. Emphasising on expert commentary from around the digital currency community, we want to increase people’s awareness of this worldwide emerging technology, all while educating ourselves on any innovations the market has to offer.

We strive to become a leading digital media, connecting the global community that is dedicated to the intuitive and cutting-edge technology Blockchain offers.


Toby Jackson
Toby is the driving force behind The Virtual Economy. Boasting an MBA in Computer science, Toby decided to shy away from the desk life he had for over 12 years and travel the world. Once that was done and dusted, he found cryptocurrencies and thus began his journey of using the power of global networking in educating and inspiring others. He is the teams’ most passionate traveler and has a special emphasis on environmental and industrial economics. Equipped with numerous years of experience as a trader of Bitcoin and other cryptos, Toby has a keen devotion to teamwork, writing, and the potential of blockchain technology. He believes that one day these innovations will shape the way we conduct deals and transactions, and that’s why he’s always up for a fiery debate with those who don’t share his vision.
Jerome Palazzo
Editor / Marketing
Based in the stunning and rich-green plains of Florence, Italy, Jerome has a strong understanding and passion for cryptocurrencies, ever since 2009. For multiple years, he has worked with numerous international clients on projects and content writing relating to accounting, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, equity research, and financial analysis. You can often find Jerome sipping a glass of white wine in a vineyard while devotedly working on articles for our site. Prior to joining The Virtual Economy in 2018, Jerome was working with different companies in developing improved facial recognition software which could then be used for the betterment of video content. He started his career at the University of Firenze, where he studies Mathematics and Computer Sciences. There is little that Jerome can’t do once he sets his mind to it, and we’re honored to have him as part of our team.
Cedric Cook
Editor / Leadership
Cedric graduated with an MSc in iBusiness from UCD Michael Smurfit School and is currently undergoing a course in Creative Writing. His dream is to one day publish his very own novel on the evolution of the economy and that of financial institutions, but in the meantime, he keeps himself busy by editing or blogging for The Virtual Economy. He specializes in writing economic news and the most exciting updates relating to cryptocurrencies, decentralized systems, regulations bound to be set in place, the analysis of blockchain, and many other topics. Cedric has been instrumental in growing and shaping our team and our direction along with Marcus Hall, the CEO of thevirtualeconomy.com
Elliott Ramsey
Editor / Performance Marketing
Elliott has been with The Virtual Economy since its inception and currently serves as our Head of Performance Marketing. At the same time, he is engaged and devoted to providing relevant content relating to cryptocurrencies –with a passion for ideas that can tangibly change our perspective on the current world we live in. Originally from Coventry, United Kingdom, Elliot received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California. After graduating, he decided to engage in content writing in order to provide our readers with the educations and tools needed to choose financial products, helping them differentiate between FUDs and real news. Before joining our team, you could find Elliot as a Marketing Manager within the banking industry, where despite enjoying his work, he felt he needed a more modern and different direction. In addition to all his qualifications and writing flair, Elliot is also a professional at making great cups of tea, the British way!
Jose Alford
Born in San Diego, United States, Jose has over five years of banking experience and is able to provide well-research and high-level financial content due to his expertise. Despite being for years an avid believer in the traditional banking systems we use today, Jose has changed direction and embraced the idea of a decentralized system. We love that Jose is always striving to excel in producing new and thought-provoking content in the digital sphere, working with the rest of the team to leverage images, articles, and taglines that will catch attention and generate increased traffic. When not writing, Jose enjoys copywriting, working as a volunteer for a reputable charity organization, and spending time with his two young daughters.
Kathy Webb
As an expert on Bitcoin-related topics, Kathy found a home at The Virtual Economy, covering issues ranging from cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin regulations, blockchain innovations, purchase guides, and cryptoanalysis. She is the youngest member of our team, and at only 21, she has taken an interest in cryptos, investing in multiple digital assets and following the gripping market fluctuations. Kathy has been a cryptocurrency writer and trader since 2016, and she firmly follows coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others. Her goal is to keep our readers informed about potential investments and the implications of cryptocurrencies in our financial system. When not writing, she spends most of her days perfecting her ballet form, and you can often find her working with young pupils in teaching them how to achieve their dreams.
Marcus Hall
Freelance Writer
Marcus Hall is a freelance content writer from Kentucky, United States. His current focus is blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We often call him a “crypto maniac,” since most conversations with him involve the crypto world and not much else. In addition to content writing, Marcus is a highly-experienced financial analyst, having previously worked as a business journalist. His dream is to one day see the abolition of traditional financial means in favor of a decentralized ecosystem in which financial transactions could be complete with digital assets as the primary currency. Before coming back to his hometown of Kentucky, Marcus spent 8+ years working as a business analyst on a variety of information systems and public policies. He has a dual Bachelor from Gatton College, in Engineering and Business Administration.
Megan Felton
Megan is a crypto-enthusiast who has been fascinated ever since hearing about it in 2008. She loves writing, traveling, blockchain technology and its implications, and has recently become a regular holder and trader of digital assets. Born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Megan studied at Leiden University, where she was awarded a Bachelors’ in Bioinformatics in 2016. She is determined to pursue her Master’s in the upcoming years and has a profound love for animals –particularly dogs. Megan is continually asking for an office mascot, and she already has a couple of name ideas for if/when that will happen. Passionate about the crypto-ecosystem, Megan has been instrumental in searching for different topics that our writers could cover, and every day you can find her brushing up her knowledge of finance and economic analysis. On a day-to-day basis, Megan works on articles regarding the following topics: politics, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and financial systems.
Philip Dyson
Freelance Writer
Philip is from Seattle, United States, and has over ten years’ experience in writing and editing for newspapers, websites, magazines, and even television. Since 2011, he started building his crypto portfolio, investing in numerous digital assets as the years went by. He believes in the power of blockchain technology and adores its revolutionary potential. Aside from writing and becoming invested in cryptos, Philip loves learning about Asian culture, and is, at the moment, taking courses towards learning Japanese. His dream is to one day move to Kyoto, and the hope is that his crypto investments will pave the way to achieving that.